Make A Lasting Impression!

Low Cost or NO Cost To You.  Also if you like the website we will sell the source code to you and you can host it yourself and pay us nothing in maintenance or hosting.

Here is a great deal.   No risk.   No up front development fees!
  • You pay nothing not even the cost of your domain name from godaddy.com (around $15) the first year
  • We will hook it up for you
  • We create the website at no cost to you
  •  In less than a week your business will be on the Internet
  • We take your input and design to your needs
  • We make sure your search ranking is high
  • We write advertising copy for you

We host it for you for free for  3 months.  If you feel that the new website has helped your business  we will charge you a monthly fee of $20 minimum a month, depending on how many changes/updates you want per month.    It is totally up to you.  If you see an increase in your business by $1000 a month isn’t a small monthly fee worth it?

By the way we can put sound on your new website or on an existing site you already have.  We can record an original jingle or just add in sound effects.

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Contact us and we can come up with an equitable custom deal.  No project to complicated, big or small we have done it all!