WordPress Hacked?

Joeseph Rinaldi – SunroomSystems.com –  Pleased customer:

Awesome dude! for all the hassle and money this hack has caused, it may be a blessing in disguise as so much has been improved on my site, seo, backup, search results, etc.

You definitely got the ball rolling in the right direction by slamming network solutions, what a joke they turned out to be jeez. Anyhow thanks again for your help and insight, Merry Christmas!


Are your website visitors being sent to Russian Porn, or, sites that say their computer has crashed and they must pay to restore it?  We can fix that and other hacks.

We have experience with fixing WordPress hacks.  We can also help you with a security review of your site.   Free TipIf you have a weak password  ( definition:  easy for someone to guess like “password” or your name with a string of numbers after it  ) change it immediately to a STRONGER password.  The hackers are out there and are making money from hacking into vulnerable systems.  Don’t make it easy for them.   We can help with this.  Easy to guess passwords have been the demise of many WordPress sites.   We have designed tools to find and fix hacks that we can run on your site.

We also have expertise in WordPress’s internal structure to find problems that most can’t.   Again, reasonable rates for this service.  Also before your hosting company starts suggesting things that cost you money call us for a free consultation on this.  Many site owners rely on us when they get in trouble.